Entry Point North

In November, 30 students from Saudi Arabia started a two-year training programme for future air traffic controllers for General Authority of Civil Aviation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agreement is entered between the Ministry of Higher Education and Entry Point North.

All the training is being held at Entry Point North’s modern training facilities in Sweden and is organised into two semesters of English language and aviation English training followed by two semesters of Initial ATC training. The English training is provided by native English teachers. The initial ATC Training programme consists of full ICAO compliant courses comprising of both theoretical and intensive hands-on training using state-of-the-art simulators. The curriculum encompasses aerodrome, approach procedural and surveillance, area control and other advanced aspects of air traffic management. The students will also be visiting various operational sites in Scandinavia to deepen their understanding of actual daily ATC operations.

The courses, which are delivered in accordance with Entry Point North’s recognised modern training philosophy, are tailored to client requirements while retaining full compliance with ICAO standards. In addition to the training Entry Point North also assists with accommodation and daily support to the students throughout their stay in Sweden.

Peter Kantner, business development manager said: "We trust that this is just the beginning of a long term partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Entry Point North and we highly appreciate being selected as a future training partner. This underlines the international recognition we have gained by the industry and with our knowledge and experience it enables us to provide an outstanding study experience to the Saudi Arabian students."