The signing of the agreement between GaoHongjiang, vice-president of CAMIC and Flemming Eske Hansen, CFO and strategy director of Entry Point North.

Entry Point North, a leading global ATS academy, has agreed a three-year deal with CAMIC, the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, to deliver training management programmes from 2014-16.

As part of the long-term collaboration in aviation-related training between the two organisations, the customised training management programme from Entry Point North is designed to develop competencies of ATM chief instructors and to give them an insight into European training standards and methods.

The training, which encompasses the latest industry trends, is based on international aviation expertise and recognised modern training philosophy. Each year a group of six Chinese training professionals will attend the extensive tailor-made programme, which will last for three months.

Entry Point North CEO Anne Kathrine Jensen said: "The agreement on training management programmes endorses our long-term cooperation with CAMIC, and expresses a strong recognition of our high-quality training services. It is exceptionally rewarding for us to be an active part of the rapid development and growth of air traffic services in China."

The first programme will start in late 2014 and will be delivered in the academy’s training facilities in Malmo and Budapest. Theoretical classroom training will be combined with practical exercises, CBT, eurocontrol-learning packages, study tours and visits to operational units.

The academy is a total-training solution provider, with a wide range of services, including:

  • Training for air traffic controllers and air traffic services personnel
  • Selection and recruitment according to eurocontrol FEAST testing and other testing tools
  • Training of air traffic safety electronics personnel
  • Certified aviation English testing
  • Various consultancy services for ANSPs

Every year more than 400 aspiring and operational ATCOs from various countries are trained at the academy’s facilities in Malmo, Sweden. Specialised courses within human factors and safety areas are also offered to a diverse range of ATM personnel.

These courses develop non-technical skills such as decision-making and interpersonal communication. In addition, the academy provides a broad range of ATM related training and consultancy services. Its customers are regional, international and public and private ANSPs, airports, airlines and military clients.

Entry Point North is a recognised international academy with more than 70 employees and consultants originating from over 18 countries. The company has more than 180 state-of-the-art simulator positions and high-resolution 3D image-tower simulators. In addition, the academy has a CBT facility to assist and reinforce students’ learning throughout the courses.

For more information, please contact Entry Point North.