Heathrow Terminal 5 is a historical passenger terminal construction story for a number of reasons: it took 19 years to complete, the check-in desk solutions are renowned for their ergonomic, space saving configuration, and there were substantial teething problems over its’ inaugural opening month – 42,000 bags travelled separately to their owners.

What is most talked about with Heathrow Terminal 5 is its design which is a flagship amongst passenger terminals worldwide. The design aim of Richard Rogers Partnership, architects of Terminal 5, was to create a sense of adventure and heroism, while playing on the concepts of lifestyle and invigoration. The focus was therefore on space, flexibility, and reminding passenger and BA employees alike that an airport is a gateway to the rest of the world and the beginning of an exciting adventure.

Terminal 5 is predominantly a glass structure to maximise the amount of natural daylight that penetrates into this 40m high, 396m long and 176m wide building, the UK’s largest freestanding, while also allowing transparency between BA staff and passengers. For example, the glass fronted staff reporting area can be seen from the passenger area, and the runway is visible from all sides within the terminal. Inside T5 the open space and flexible layout spans from the check-in to retail areas to lounges and gates.

CBS were involved in developing a check-in desk solution with desk manufacturers Icon and took the need for an ergonomic, space saving solution easily in their stride. CBS products focus on bridging the gap between technology and human use in their simplistic designs with T5’s check-in desks showcasing one, renowned, example of their application.

One of the products includes was the wishbone monitor arm – a classic monitor arm able to be easily adjusted to individual users ergonomic requirements. The wishbone forearm (telephone tray) has the benefits of the standard wishbone arm although is of shorter reach.

1m Wishbone posts support the arms; IT set-up, allowing it to be swiveled around to for example to allow users on both side of the check-in desk to view a monitor screen; and cable management. Precision manufactured grooves enable monitor arms to be mounted at different heights.

For more information on CBS’ increasingly renowned T5 check-in desk or to get details on developing your unique solution, please visit the CBS Products website.