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EAGLE4AIRPORT for Airport Fleet Management

After success at Catania Fontanarossa International Airport, where EAGLE software system, whit COB localization device, has made possible the monitoring of CO2 in non-electric vehicles, our experts have customized EAGLE to make it functional and essential in the airport fleet management.

EAGLE4AIRPORT is a multi-platform system for fleet management (pc and mobile) which allows real-time map location of all vehicles managed, both on the Internet and on proprietary maps.

Especially EAGLE focuses on localization of special vehicles, such as de-icing vehicles, luggage tractors, boarding stairs, firefighting vehicles, trash trucks, tank trucks and shuttle buses.

Equipped with an intuitive interface, Eagle4Airport highlights the status of fleets with custom icons and, through a master data, it allows to access to all information related to single vehicles, such as speed, position, direction, distance and CO2 production.
The system also guarantees the safety of passengers and workers with the real-time handling of location-related alarms, such as route deviation or changes, unplanned movements or presence in forbidden areas.

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