Forms+Surfaces® offers a striking breadth of beautiful, durable products designed to meet the real-world, long-term challenges of airports and other busy transit centres. Now, joining this impressive portfolio, the InForm Information Display System makes its world debut.

InForm offers specifiers a standard product that is highly customisable without the custom price, a welcome alternative in an industry where custom display units are often the norm. InForm Information Display Systems blend virtually limitless functionality with clean aesthetics and exceptional structural integrity.

Standard system elements are the building blocks for creating large public displays that can incorporate multiple LCD monitors. InForm’s modular approach allows individual units to be scaled up or down to suit the needs of different areas. Design consistency can easily be maintained in any setting, big or small.

System applications

Individual InForm units can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of different airport locations while maintaining design consistency throughout:

  • Multi-user flight information (MUFIDS)
  • Electronic visual information (EVIDS)
  • Baggage information (BIDS)
  • Gate information (GIDS)
  • Ramp information (RIDS)
  • Visual messaging (VMS)
  • Emergency messaging systems (EMS)

System advantages

InForm is a robust, modular information display system with numerous features and capabilities designed to meet the information display needs of airports around the world:


  • Designed for renovations as well as new construction
  • Configurable for quick turnaround and cost savings
  • Built to last using high-performance materials and precisely engineered components
  • High recycled content and fully recyclable stainless steel castings and aluminum extrusions


  • Can include mast-to-mast electronic raceways, CPU enclosures, duplex outlets and data receptacles
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated signage options available
  • Accepts phones, directory cabinets, advertising and monitors
  • Two cabinet configurations can incorporate a wide variety of F+S surface materials


  • Open structure enhances visibility in security-conscious environments
  • Bumper rails prevent rolling luggage and carts from damaging the system
  • Standard mast heights to 10ft; taller heights to 20ft available
  • Mounting options include floor-to-ceiling, floor-only, ceiling-only and facia mount


  • Can be used at ticket counters, check-in, gates, baggage claim etc
  • Standard assembly layouts or custom designs available to meet project-specific requirements
  • Complements other F+S products: litter and recycling receptacles, seating, planters and our extensive range of surface materials for use in walls, wainscoting, columns, counter facings, elevator doors and elevator interiors

System components

Standard system components are the building blocks for creating large public displays.

Mast and foot assembly

Supports incorporate a cast stainless steel foot with an extruded 3.5in diameter aluminium mast with clear anodised finish.


Cabinets house wiring for the LCD monitors, CPUs, and other electronic components. The standard depth for cabinets is 8in but may vary depending on customer preferences. Hinged doors are located on the back of the cabinet, providing access to internal components and wiring.

Cabinets may be mounted using cast arms, which space the cabinet out from the vertical masts or using a flush mount, which mounts the cabinet directly to the mast. Two cabinet designs are available. Like the system’s vertical support masts, the internal cabinet frames are comprised of extruded aluminium. Cabinet face material choices draw from Forms+Surfaces extensive palette of options and include stainless steel, Fused Metal™, Bonded Metal™ and Aero™ Aluminum.


The optional header is located above the cabinet and offers a great location to title the display, add the name of the airport or include other customised wording.

LCD monitors

Customers supply their own LCD monitors, which can be mounted on one side or both sides of the cabinet. Adjustable or fixed mounting brackets are available.

Bumper rails

Bumper rails around the base of the InForm system are available to act as a barrier against rolling luggage and carts.