Red Box International will be supplying the ground power for three more aviation shows in 2009. This year they will be supporting Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany 2–5 April, EUR-AVIA in France 30 April–2 May and Helitech in the UK 22–24 September, in addition to supplying all the ground power at Aero Expo London and Aero Expo Prague as they have done in previous years.

In addition to offering continuous ground power at the shows Red Box will also be on hand to start any aircraft that may need an external start. At many of the shows they will also be offering the use of their new range of aircraft moving equipment.

Sales director Phil Horn says, “We are really pleased to be supporting these shows as ground power is our area of expertise. We have been supporting aviation shows for three years now, although doing five shows this season should keep the team busy. Our job will be to ensure that every aircraft can be shown off at its best, powering up the cockpit and showing off those added extras. We install the units and monitor them throughout the show. Most of them are running for eight hours a day, every day, and we [are] happy to say that we have never had any problems with any of our units.”

Red Box made the decision to offer ground power for free at all shows. Marketing director Adrian Jackson says, “Having ground power available for the aircraft helps bring the show to life. I would like to see every aircraft at the shows utilising the free ground power we are offering, as not only is it a great opportunity to showcase what the Red Box equipment can do, but gives the aircraft companies the chance to show off all the on board electronics. It makes me feel very proud to see a sea of Red Box units being used like this.”

Red Box International has been manufacturing ground power since 1993. Their range of products include continuous power units, start units, TRUs, frequency converters and a wide selection of aircraft moving equipment.