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Aircraft Refuelling Equipment, Airfield Vehicles and Self-Bearing Tanks

JM Enterprise designs and manufactures aircraft refuelling equipment, special airfield vehicles, customised tanks for trucks and trailers, as well as self-bearing tanks for liquid transportation.

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JM Enterprise designs and manufactures aircraft refuelling equipment, special airfield vehicles, customised tanks for trucks and trailers, as well as self-bearing tanks for liquid transportation.

Aircraft refuelling equipment and components

JM Enterprise provides an extensive line of aircraft refuelling equipment, including refuelling tankers in a range of volumes, hydrant dispensers and dual-purpose units that can be used for refuelling by tank and the airport pit system.

Refuelling tankers are available in capacities ranging from 5,000l to 80,000l as high-flow units with an elevated platform. They are available in configurations with a unit behind the chassis cab or at the rear of the tank. Built from stainless-steel or aluminium alloy, tanks are made to high standards.

Hydrant dispensers for aircraft fuel

Hydrant dispensers vary from a 2,000 litres per minute (lpm) to 4,000lpm rate and have an ergonomic design. Products are manufactured in compliance with international standards such as Joint Inspection Group (JIG), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Energy Institute (EI), European Norms, as well as the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

2,500lpm hydrant dispenser for Sao Tomé.
Side view of the 2,500lpm hydrant dispenser.
Full 2,500lpm hydrant dispenser.
JM Enterprise refueller control panel.
Back view of the 2,500lpm hydrant dispenser.
JM Enterprise supplies customised aircraft refuelling tankers.
JM Enterprise offers a complete service, including repair and maintenance of equipment.
Dual-purpose refuelling solutions can be supplied for use with a tank or an airport hydrant pit system.
Our dispensers are available with rates of up to 4,000l per minute.
Refuelling tankers can be provided with capacities of up to 80,000l.

JM Enterprise offers a range of aircraft refuelling systems, including swivel joints, deadman and hydro-kit systems, as well as pressure tests for hoses. For more information, fill out the enquiry form.

Customised aircraft refuelling equipment

JM Enterprise specialises in providing products based on individual customer specifications, developing solutions to meet high quality and efficiency standards for the aircraft industry.

Designs are created using advanced computer technology to deliver leading services and products with a fast turnaround.

JM Enterprise offers a complete customer-focused service, including on-site assistance from export sales managers, design consultancy, testing prior to shipment, and commissioning of the refuelling vehicles on client premises.

Training courses can be organised for airport operators responsible for refuelling operations, as well as repair and maintenance works for all equipment, with parts being repaired or replaced on-demand within 48 hours.

A complete annual inspection of the vehicle can be carried out, in addition to partial or complete work if it is required. JM Enterprise completes all the necessary work to ensure that vehicles operate at optimal efficiency according to the relevant standards.

About JM Enterprise

The JM Enterprise team has been providing high-quality aircraft refuelling vehicles and specialist equipment worldwide for more than 40 years.

The company operates in Italy and internationally to deliver on-site assistance and quick customer support. Partnered with DKJET, aircraft equipment supplier in the Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States countries, JM Enterprise can offer its range of services to the region.

A local factory in Sudan is focused on producing tank trucks for liquid transportation. The company also operates in India.

JM Enterprise is dedicated to constantly researching and developing its products in order to produce advanced technologies that provide optimal aircraft refuelling operations.

The company is always ready to provide assistance for its customers through every stage, from consulting to maintenance.

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