At the largest worldwide trade fair for rescue, fire and civil protection services, INTERSCHUTZ 2010, Iveco Magirus presented a new range of aircraft rescue and fire-fighting vehicles for airport applications (ARFF Vehicles).

The models of the Iveco Magirus Dragon 2 range represent a completely new generation of customised ARFF vehicles with performances that exceed current ICAO and NFPA requirements. Once again, innovations from Iveco Magirus have set new standards for the entire fire-fighting industry.

In keeping with the Iveco Magirus philosophy, this consistent solution has been developed in-house and is made using a one-stop shop approach. The modular structure makes it possible to implement different configurations and drive variants that include a 4×4 on a two-axle chassis, a 6×6 on a three-axle chassis and a 8×8 on a four-axle chassis with single motorisation and with Twin Engine Power Pack (TEP) drive system based on a powerful Iveco engines and, as a special option, also a Deutz engine.

The 6×6 and 8×8 Dragon chassis with a Twin Engine Power Pack solution drives the vehicle and the fire pump and results in a better performance single engine solution. The two electronically controlled Iveco CURSOR 13 engines provide a total power of 1,080 HP in Euro 3 or 1,120 HP in Euro 5 version. Iveco Cursor engines have long been known for their exceptional efficiency, light weight and high specific power output.

The development of the new ARFFV chassis from Iveco Magirus Brandschutztechnik was featured by only one manufacturer. All innovative concepts were specifically developed for this range: drive train, extinguishing systems, controls and bodywork design are perfectly matched to the chassis – and represent integral parts of a consistent overall vehicle concept as only Iveco Magirus can supply. The modular design makes it possible to create different vehicle configurations according to customer needs, exceeding ICAO and NFPA standards.

Iveco Magirus established the ARFFV business unit 1992 with the first model called TUCANO of which we delivered worldwide 45 units until 1997. After that the first DRAGON models of 4×4 and 6×6 followed with 293 units from 1998 to 2012, including the air transportable version of the 4×4.

The successful story continues with our new range of high performance ARFF vehicles. The first customer was the Hong Kong International Airport and as a result of good experience here Iveco Magirus received in the last 3 years over 30 next orders.

All in one
No other manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles can offer chassis, superstructure and components – everything from only one source! Our principle "all in-house manufacturing" has always proven to be a convincing argument. From the chassis to the bodywork all these are in-house developments and so optimally matched to one another. Iveco Magirus is a partner who takes the end-to-end responsibility of the whole product and this for as long as an Iveco Magirus vehicle is operating for his customers.

Company-owned testing facility, allowing thorough testing of all performance parameters of the final product including engine power, torque, brake force, brake balance and ABS operation as well as on- and off-road-behaviour such as climbing ability, side slope testing etc. Iveco Magirus can therefore develop vehicles which guarantee the highest levels of robustness and reliability for all conditions of use.

At six locations in Europe the Iveco Magirus Group develops and manufactures a worldwide unique range of vehicles and appliances for fire fighting and civil protection. Iveco Magirus is considered internationally to be one of the largest manufacturers and world leader in technology in the sector.

Sales and service are globally oriented to customer structure. In respect of turntable ladders, the traditional Magirus brand is still the undisputed global market leader.

New Dragon 6×6 TEP

As a unique product in its segment the new DRAGON 6×6 TEP is providing the best power to weight ratio value in its segment. This is an essential indicator for the performance needed for acceleration and the Pump&Roll speed, beside top speed and the braking performance within the ARFF market.

Fulfilling latest environment requirements with EURO 5 engines and with full flexibility in terms of customization of this product it is offering the most efficient solution for highest level ARFF vehicles.