At the Singapore Airshow, held at Changi Exhibition Centre (CEC), 14 -19 February, Megadoor will showcase vertical lifting fabric doors for aircraft hangars which are exposed to heavy winds, extreme climates, moisture or dust on stand Q107.

Megadoor is the market leader in door systems for the aviation industry and meets all the industry challenges pertaining to reliability, safety and productivity. Megadoor hangar doors have been used for many years in commercial, corporate and military facilities around the world.

Megadoor specialises in vertical lifting, aluminium-reinforced fabric doors for the aviation industry. Engineered and manufactured to exact specifications, each Megadoor system is constructed with heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant components and operates with a highly reliable electrical system. Designed with very few moving parts, the Megadoor requires little or no maintenance. As it can be designed to accommodate any aircraft configuration, and is the smart way to solve virtually any opening problem. 

Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors were originally designed for industrial environments requiring very large door openings and frequent operation, with requirements on reliable operation at high wind loads, temperature extremes and harsh environments. Megadoor has served successfully in these conditions for over 30 years, and has proved itself again and again in the aviation industry.

All Megadoor systems come with a patented lifting belt system, which needs no lubrication and very little maintenance. Because Megadoor systems require very little maintenance, significant long-term savings will be achieved and total cost of ownership is reduced. For convenience and peace of mind, its service staff and partners around the world provide professional preventive maintenance that guarantees trouble-free door operation. 

Many paint hangar environments are controlled with Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors. Megadoor provides the lowest level of air infiltration compared to any large door in the industry. The unique design utilises a single, PVC-coated polyester fabric sheet that is attached to the exterior and interior of the door system. This eliminates any air infiltration through the door or at the door head. The Megadoor fabric envelops the side-guides, creating a unique double seal that does not require maintenance or replacement. The only maintainable seal on the entire door system is the heavy duty EPDM rubber bottom loop that seals the door to the floor. Together, these Megadoor features ensure that air infiltration is low enough to make Megadoor an ideal fit for use by NASA in its satellite clean rooms.  

A Megadoor solution is not only the best choice for new hangar door installations. It is also the best way to bring older hangars into the modern age, ensuring that door closures fulfil the stringent requirements of FAA and EASA regulations. In many cases, by adding an extension to the front of the hangar, it is possible to accommodate larger aircraft, thus generating additional income and a higher return on investment. All over the world Megadoor have helped customers in virtually every type of industry create better opening solutions and grow their business.

Megadoor is a world-leading ASSA ABLOY brand focusing on solutions for exceptional access needs within specific industry segments such as aviation, shipyards, mining, waste and recycling. Megadoor is represented in over 30 countries and is a part of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.