Megadoor has recently secured an order from London Oxford Airport for the installation of three new
hangar doors. London Oxford Airport is owned and operated by Oxford Aviation Services Limited (OASL).

It is the Thames Valley area’s primary regional and business aviation airport, it is also the only commercial
airport between London Heathrow (LHR) and Birmingham (BHX).

The Megadoor® comprises a vertical lifting fabric door with a total clear dimension of 32m wide x 9m
high, with two individually or jointly manoeuvrable 16m-wide leaves connected by a swing-up mullion.

Megadoor also provided project and design support to the design-and-build contractor and was responsible for installation and commissioning.

When completed, this Megadoor installation will offer a number of major benefits, including:

  • LOA maximised the available space, by constructing all three hangars side by side
  • The ability to open all three hangars fully at the same time
  • Full access across the hangar width, for maximum utilisation of hangar capacity
  • An additional 40m² of usable hangar floor area
  • No floor tracks: practically no door footprint
  • Fast, reliable performance
  • Long lifetime, low operating cost
  • Excellent air tightness and wind resistance
  • Minimal maintenance need and easy to repair
  • Extended warranties are available for up to 10 years on all components

The order was placed in June and the installation is expected to be completed during the beginning of
November. The Megadoor will be manufactured in Skellefteå, Sweden.

James Dillon-Godfray, head of marketing and development for the airport is very pleased with the
cooperation with Megadoor, “Having assessed a number of door solutions for new hangar builds at London
Oxford Airport, we’ve concluded that the Megadoor option provides the preferred solution, making best use
of the available space and for simplicity of operation.”