Jewers Doors Goes Plug & Play and Wireless

Specialist insulated sliding and folding door manufacturer, Jewers Doors Ltd of Biggleswade, is now supplying ‘plug & play’ digitally controlled drives on its Phoenix range of Osprey and Kingfisher doors. The benefits are measurable cost reductions, easier door adjustment and more sophisticated door programming.

The Osprey sliding-folding door can be manufactured to suit openings up to 20m wide by 6m high, subject to a maximum 100m² opening and the Kingfisher door can be designed for openings up to 30m by 6m.

The drive motor is pre-wired to the control panel, which in turn simply plugs into the mains supply. Not only does this save on expensive wiring materials and time but also forgoes the need to send a qualified electrician to make the final connections once the mechanical installation is complete.

Door adjustment is now infinitely easier as open and close limit switches are set at ground level from the digital control panel and optical safety edges are now wireless, which reduces site wiring costs as the edges are simply plugged in and can be set up by the installation team.

The digital control panel combined with a variable speed drive allows the door to be programmed for fast opening and slower closing and even super slow – to further limit the danger of crushing as the door reaches its final close position.

Jewers Doors Director, Mark Jewers, commented: "Over the past 12 months we’ve been working closely with Guthrie Douglas to develop its GFA drives into our sliding and folding doors. The cost benefits are measurable as we now send only a single team to install and commission the door, where previously there was always a mechanical team followed by a return visit by an electrician for wiring."

Jewers Doors is a family-owned business with three brothers as directors – Chris Jewers (Managing Director), Mark Jewers (Phoenix Director) and Jonathan Jewers (Esavian Director). It was started in 1983 by their father, Nigel Jewers, who maintains a keen interest in the engineering side of the business. It now undertakes contracts throughout the world for governments, armed forces and private companies.