Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance moved into their new charity headquarters in May 2021.

It is situated just off the A15 Sleaford Road opposite RAF Waddington, which was home to LNAA’s helicopter since 1994.

The new airbase features a purpose-built hangar with space to enable on-site engineering, a bespoke helipad equipped with state-of-the-art landing lights and enhanced training facilities for crew members.

Working with contractors Lindum Construction, Jewers Doors supplied and installed a set of Osprey (OSP-E) sliding folding doors for an opening 20m wide x 6m high. The top hung Osprey door is electrically operated and has an integrated wicket door incorporated into one of the panels for pedestrian access.

Each door half is driven by a powerful inverter-controlled drive unit which moves each of the ten leaves effortlessly across the opening and then folds them into a 1m² footprint behind the opening.  This large door is installed with several sensors providing an invisible zone around the door leaves to prevent the doors impacting a person or aircraft during opening and closing.

For the ‘Rear Vehicle Access Door’ the client specified an automatic Swift folding door for an opening 3m wide x 2.5m high. The door is electrically operated in four leaves, with two leaves folding to each side clear of the opening. It is remotely activated from inside the hangar and closes automatically once the vehicle leaves. Again, full personnel and vehicle protection is provided at all times to minimize risk to both the door and the vehicle.