Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has recently radical modernisation, offering a more efficient and service-oriented security process, and more space on piers.

In collaboration with Dutch engineering firm Royal Haskoning DHV, Deerns prepared the design for all engineering systems, supervised the tendering procedures, and provided support during the realisation phase.

More comfort and efficiency

To make the transition to central security possible, the terminal was radically renovated. In Departure Halls 2 and 3, an extra floor was built to make space for the new control points. On piers E, F and G, an extra storey was added to allow different passenger streams to be kept apart.

Schiphol now possesses three control points for departing passengers and two for transfer passengers. The airport now offers improved comfort and efficiency, and is in this way anticipating the growth in aviation, future laws and regulations, and new technological developments.

Open during renovations

Deerns was responsible for the design of the electrical engineering, fire-safety, low voltage, climate, fire-fighting, water and control engineering systems. Deerns also supplied the design for the lighting, lifts, escalators, moving walkways, and pneumatic tube system.

"The transfer to central security is a milestone in the modernisation of the terminal. More comfort for the traveller and a more efficient process for the airlines. A fantastic achievement by all the parties involved, especially if you consider that we were able to stay open right through the renovations," said Jos Nijhuis, CEO and president of Schiphol Group.

Airport expert

Deerns is involved in various prominent airport projects in, for example, Abu Dhabi, Germany (Frankfurt), Kuwait and Tanzania.