Kemira signed a co-operation agreement with the international development organisation Plan on 26 November 2009. The goal of the co-operation is to support children’s right to water, health and development by arranging concrete projects in different countries.

“A water-related responsibility target was a natural choice for Kemira, which concentrates more and more on water related chemistry based on its new strategy,” says Päivi Jokinen, Kemira’s EVP of marketing and communications. “Water is one of the most important prerequisites for life and clean water is a basic requirement for us. The right to water is also closely related to basic human rights.”

The co-operation for clean water is indeed in the heart of the Kemira – Plan agreement. The purpose is to build a long-lasting partnership based on co-operation, respect and responsibility to support everybody’s access to clean water. The partnership starts with a package that includes water and sanitation-related projects in Ethiopia, Bolivia and China. Later, the co-operation could be expanded to other countries.

The Kemira – Plan co-operation also gives Kemira’s employees the opportunity to take part in the activities through Plan’s country organisations and to arrange events in the several countries where Kemira has representation. It is important that the co-operation is of interest to all employees and that everyone has the possibility to contribute.

“The co-operation with Plan in global development projects strengthens Kemira’s position as a good global citizen and gives the corporation an opportunity to contribute to the global well-being through its own water know-how,” says Harri Kerminen, Kemira’s CEO.

“The co-operation unites the core competences of Kemira and Plan in an excellent way,” concludes Plan’s secretary general, Riitta Weiste.