Facing the challenging terrain of the Himalayas, Tibet Airlines seeks to introduce flights to Kathmandu International Airport with optimised required navigation performance (RNP) AR trajectories to enhance safety and efficiency.

Announcing its new partnership with Airbus ProSky, Tibet Airlines’ chairman of the board Captain Cheng Yiru said: "We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Airbus ProSky.

"Given their expertise in performance based navigation (PBN), we are confident that the deployment of these procedures will enhance safety and efficiency, in particular providing accurate and easy-to-fly RNP AR trajectories for aircraft by avoiding obstacles in final approach."

Airbus ProSky worked with Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) Nepal and designed and validated RNP AR procedures that reduces the flight path angle at final approach from 5.31% to 2.8º, which enhances safety at landing phase.

Paul-Franck Bijou, Airbus ProSky CEO, stated: "We look forward to working with Tibet Airlines and local authorities to improve the overall airspace efficiency of Kathmandu.

"Through the implementation of the approved procedures, aircraft will be able to circumnavigate the Himalayas as they descend in a safe and efficient manner."

For more information, please contact Airbus ProSky.