Cardiff Airport, UK

Cardiff Airport, Wales, UK, welcomes in excess of a million passengers a year, serving scheduled airlines and charter tour operators. The airport has more than 50 direct destinations and more than 800 one-stop destinations worldwide.


At the single-terminal airport, air travellers pass through the gates by scanning their boarding passes. Accurate counts both at the beginning and the end of the security check provide critical data to the queue wait time and enable ICTS’ SmartQ system (boarding pass verification and passenger flow management) to associate passenger volume with flight schedules. This enables the airport operators to schedule staff more efficiently and streamline airport processes overall.


Air travellers scan their boarding passes at the gates to the security queue area. At the same time, Observer One ‘people trackers’ begin tracking each passenger. Passengers are tracked via 18 Observer One units located behind the economy class entrance to the queue area and one unit at the business and first-class entrance to the fast-track queue.

An additional four Observer units count the passengers as they exit the queue area just prior passing through the metal detectors.

All 22 units transmit position information in real-time to a central server that associates the boarding pass IDs with the track IDs to obtain information about the entering and exiting travellers into and out of the security check queue.


This was the first installation of ADEC Observer One units to provide position information to the SmartQ airport management system.

"Despite some constraints, like ceiling height and sensor position, the system has performed well and has enabled our SmartQ System to obtain the necessary information to provide crucial data for airport management," comments Jason Spencer, SmartQ product manager at ICTS Europe.

"We’ve been very pleased with the technology and the support provided by ADEC Technologies."

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