In an era of growing demands on our skies, air traffic management (ATM) solutions are critical for solving capacity and efficiency challenges. As the industry leader, Airbus ProSky provides innovative products and services, delivering ATM performance.

"To remain at the nexus of innovative and efficient ATM solutions, we need a general manager who can both manage the organisation’s day-to-day activities, while providing us a vision for tomorrow’s skies" said Paul-Franck Bijou, Airbus ProSky Group CEO.

"Sebastien Borel encapsulates these qualities and I’m pleased to announce that he has accepted the position."

Borel will run all aspects of Airbus ProSky’s day-to-day operations such as sales, marketing, communication, project management and technical services. For the past 18 months, Borel has held the role of vice-president of customer affairs, managing sales integration between Airbus ProSky, Metron Aviation and Quovadis, as well as communications and marketing activities.

Borel said: "Airbus ProSky is the solution to our current capacity issues.

"As more than 20,000 new aircraft are expected to enter the skies over the next two decades, we must provide the solutions that will ease the demands on air navigation service providers, airline operators and airports. I’m excited to step into this new role, leading the team and offering solutions to our greatest airspace challenges."

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