Glasgow’s iconic landmark, the Finnieston Crane, has inspired world-renowned artist Bill Fontana to create a unique work of art, transforming the crane into a musical instrument.

By using a Type 4370 charge accelerometer, Type 2635 charge amplifier and 30 meters of cable, supplied by Bruel & Kjaer, Bill can reveal sounds from deep within the crane’s structure, caused by wind or external vibrations from city noise.

At the same time, Bill has set up a camera that looks skywards through the structure. This is to capture the ever changing light and weather patterns, as they shift around the crane – and record the passage of time around this monumental masterpiece of Scottish engineering.

The spectacular results are beamed up to space and returned via satellite to a display just outside another architectural icon in Glasgow’s City Centre, the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).

The installation will open at GoMA on 18th April. Visitors will be able to see and hear the live feed, from the Finnieston Crane, at the gallery and online until 3rd May.