Schiphol Telematics (ST), the telecom provider operating at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is offering airlines the ability to connect to a new generation of WiFi services which operate globally.

The airport serves more than a hundred scheduled airlines transporting more than 49 million passengers a year and ST is connecting its extensive WiFi network to SITA Airport Hub Wireless infrastructure to support the use of SITA’s e-Aircraft AirportLink WiFi and Wireless@Airports services.

SITA e-Aircraft AirportLink WiFi provides broadband wireless connectivity on the ground for aircraft allowing airlines to take full advantage of the operational benefits of next generation aircraft, while Wireless@Airports provides WiFi connectivity for professional users at the airport, allowing the same configuration to be used throughout the world.

Together, SITA’s airport wireless offerings simplify WiFi delivery and reduce the cost and complexity of mobility by offering airlines and ground handlers a one-stop shop for global connectivity with a single WiFi infrastructure at airports around the world. This allows them to use the same mobile workforce applications wherever they operate. SITA, as a single supplier, provides a consistent support model and service levels upon which new applications and processes can be built. Each organisation contracts with SITA directly which reduces the need for multiple agreements.

Ras Lalmy, CEO Schiphol Telematics, said: "We strongly believe that SITA Airport Hub Wireless infrastructure will enable the accelerated deployment of many new mobile applications and processes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol."

"This is a win-win situation for Schiphol – through SITA, we offer an enhanced and simplified service to our customer airlines and ground handlers to take advantage of efficient mobile and gatelink applications," Lalmy said.

Assane Oueddo, SITA vice president, communications and infrastructure, said: "Schiphol Telematics is taking the lead in the Airport Hub Wireless Program by providing its business customers with a simplified WiFi service. Airlines that have mobile workforce solutions can now extend their use to Schiphol, while those using next generation aircraft can harness the operational efficiencies of gatelink as well."

"We are implementing this WiFi service at airports around the world so that airlines and ground handlers can operate using a simplified global service. Just as individuals can use their mobile phones across the world and deal with just one service provider, so too will airlines be able to use mobile and gatelink services at airports globally and be serviced by SITA. By mid-2012 we expect that more than a hundred airports will have SITA Airport Hub Wireless in place," Oueddo said.

Schiphol, considered an airport city is the primary hub for KLM, Martinair, Transavia, and Arkefly. The airport also serves as a European hub for Delta Air Lines. In 2011 49.8 million passengers passed through the airport, a 10.2% increase compared with 2010.