Entry Point North

On 15 May, Entry Point North, one of the largest global ATS academies, received an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The certificate was awarded following an intensive audit process performed during March / April 2017 at the headquarters in Malmö.

The certification process started more than a year ago with an initial review and action plan to further develop the existing quality management system, a one-year implementation phase of ISO requirements, training and information to staff, initial assessments and internal as well external audits.

In order to maintain the certification, annual external ISO audits will be performed to ensure continuous compliance to ISO 9001:2015 and to assess initiatives for any potential improvements.

In the final ISO certification audit report, the auditor remarked that the existence of a well-established quality management system had been a significant factor in contributing to an efficient audit review and ultimately a successful certification.

"Entry Point North’s ISO 9001:2015 certificate validates our continuous commitment to develop and provide top quality services to all current and future clients" – says Anne Kathrine Jensen, CEO at Entry Point North.