A brand new module is ready for going live for all BagAssist customers, in its desktop version or running on a tablet as an hybrid app (compatible iPad and Android): the Auto-DR / Delivery module.

By simply scanning a baggage tag received at the airport from another airport / station / department, the system will run in the background and follow a decision chart to automate the DR and Delivery process without any human interaction. The purpose is to speed-up / increase performance of the back-offices operations by consolidating in a single efficient process the baggage reception and delivery process for around 80% to 90% of the cases (one or two bags per AHL file).

As in usual delivery process, all updates are made in WorldTracer and BagAssist output documents (delivery voucher and baggage delivery tag) are produced by the application. The agents can retrieve if necessary the files processed in a list for updating and closing them. As a phase 2 automated closing of files, by retrieving FS and RL codes from the file history, will also be offered as an option.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Sky Assist.