Skyguide, a pioneer in A-SMGCS, has chosen ATRiCS to provide a vendor-independent simulation tool for testing, validating and calibrating the Swiss airport movement area control system (SAMAX) at Zurich and Geneva.

The ARISE solution provided by ATRiCS is a graphical airport traffic scenario editor and simulator which generates synthetic surveillance track data in ASTERIX CAT 010 format as well as FDPS data.

To date, the creation of realistic test scenarios took Skyguide several days or even weeks. With ARISE, Skyguide can now efficiently create even the most demanding runway incursion test scenarios in a very intuitive way within hours. It is even possible to merge live track data with synthetic track data, including joystick-controlled movements of individual aircraft in real time. With ARISE, Skyguide has now a powerful solution to hand for easily ensuring the quality and effectiveness of any A-SMGCS upgrade.

ARISE is part of the ATRiCS tower and cockpit simulator (TOPSIM) family, a modular suite of independent and distributed simulation tools. Other current topical uses of TOPSIM include the validation and ATC training platform for the new A-SMGCS routing and guidance system at Dubai Airport as well as for iPort, the world’s largest A-SMGCS R&D project aimed at validating automated surface traffic using Frankfurt airport with four runways and more than 125 movements per hour as the validation platform.