Well-known for its demonstrated competence in all civil aviation fields, Sofreavia has exported its expertise all over the world for nearly 40 years.

By integrating the EGIS group, one of the world’s leading companies in multi-modal transport and infrastructure engineering, Sofreavia is in a position to tackle a larger scale market.

From August 1st 2007, Sofreavia becomes Egis Avia.

This transformation process had already started more than ten years ago when ATM activities were developed, in addition to airport core-business activities. Last year’s reorganisation reflected its aim to provide a full range of dedicated service solutions meeting its customers needs and expectations.

EGIS Avia will not only refer to Sofreavia’s undisputable competence, but also to:

  • a sound financial basis provided by Caisse des Dépôts Group, EGIS Group’s sole shareholder
  • a broader offer through the merging of former Egis aéroports’ and Sofreavia’s activities
  • a broader market access, through Egis Group synergies
  • an enhanced involvement in airport management operations in line with Egis Group infrastructure management activities development
  • a declared objective to become a leading civil aviation engineering company within one of the world’s leading companies in multi-modal transport engineering

We are very proud of our new name, Egis Avia is willing to always provide you with the best services.