Canard Drones performed the inspection of two major European airports recently.

Canard’s team made the inspection of two PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) and two ALS (Approach Lighting System) systems at the Geneva airport on the night of 17 October. In less than 12 hours, an operation also took place in Milan Linate, where two double PAPI systems were inspected on 18 October at noon. Canard’s solution demonstrates again its immediate availability, its flexibility and the ability to react to meet the needs of its customers.

The operation in Geneva was planned to take place between 12am to 5:30am. The work was completed in just 2h30min, including the time needed to leave the airport to do the ALS inspection. For each ALS, flights were made from the adjacent city, in coordination and authorised by the local police of each of the two affected municipalities (one for each head of the runway).

The ALS had changed its halogen lights to LED, and the verification that the vision was correct and the orientation needed was not yet done. Canard’s work showed that the replacement owes the expected results.

At the Milan Linate airport, closed for works and with an immediate opening planned, the PAPI of both headers, which have been recently installed, were carried out. The organisation of this work was by the CAA (ENAC), in order to initiate the validation of the method and the solution for Italian airports. Also present were airport operator technicians (SEA).

The inspection was carried out in less than an hour, including explanations and demonstrations to the attendees. PAPI measurements were made in less than ten minutes of flight for each header, including measurement of transitions, symmetry and angular coverage.

In both cases, the maintenance managers and the technicians showed their enthusiasm with the speed of the activity and the minimal interruption of the airport activity. They also praised that the platform is comprehensive, with its own software, and capable of managing all aspects of the operation. The immediate visualisation of the data in real-time and at the foot of the runway allows the taking of immediate correction actions. Finally, they found it very important that it be a complete solution, with capabilities to inspect PAPI, ALS, ILS and photogrammetry, as well as its evolutionary design.