Ms Kerstin Sjöbeck, Development Director at Entry Point North, has been appointed as a co-chair of CANSO’s Operational Training Task Force (OTTF) to lead the work for global collaboration on ATM selection, recruitment and training.

The group was established earlier this year and will lead the development and sharing of best practices within ATM training. Additionally, the group will serve as a subject matter expert and represent, where appropriate, air navigation service providers’ interests to international and regional regulatory bodies, such as ICAO, EU, and EASA. Furthermore, the OTTF will explore current and future ATM trends providing advocacy for CANSO.

Ms Kerstin Sjöbeck will share the co-chair position with Ms Maggie Martin, Assistant Vice-President Operational Training at NAV CANADA. In the coming two years, they will lead the group of 35 ATM training experts coming from Air Navigation Services providers worldwide. The working group will start its activity and regular meetings in autumn 2020, addressing relevant industry questions.

In previous roles, Ms Kerstin Sjöbeck has worked as an air traffic controller and has more than 20 years of experience in ATM training management positions, such as Head of Training and Development Director for the Entry Point North Group. She is an active member of Eurocontrol’s ATM Training Team and has many years of experience providing consultancy and support to various training organisations throughout several continents.

“Entry Point North is pleased to contribute to this important work within CANSO, and we are pleased about this new assignment of Ms Kerstin Sjöbeck, who we believe is an excellent choice for the position. She offers a valuable contribution to the leadership of the group with both ATM industry expertise and training operations management experience globally,” says Anne Kathrine Jensen, CEO of Entry Point North.