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We will be exhibiting our latest Osprey Runway Rubber Removal Equipment at Inter Airport Munich in October this year.

The equipment features our unique rubber and paint removal system which is adjustable from inside the operators cab at the touch of a button. It is the only equipment in the world that utilises a computer numerically controlled (CNC) system, and therefore removes any human input into the rubber removal process. This ensures that rubber and paint removal rates may be accurately controlled and that overlaps in both lateral and linear mode are kept to a minimum.

In addition to the standard specification, we will be showing our new MSC system which operates in the linear mode at various widths up to 1800mm. This is yet another first making the Osprey the only machine in the world that can offer precise rubber removal in lateral mode and rapid rubber removal from the centre line in linear mode. This as an ideal choice for any contractor or airport authority as it provides the option for all rubber removal modes.

Jetting Systems have been supplying both lateral and linear machines for longer than any other manufacturer delivering the first combined jetting and vacuum recovery machine in the world to Hong Kong in 1992. Hong Kong Airport Authority recognised the benefits of the Osprey system and took delivery of an MSC version early in 2015.