kenyatta airport

In the late summer of 2013, Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi found themselves desperately searching for a new airport terminal building.

Complete destruction of the arrival and departure areas in the main airport terminal buildings was caused by a fire.

The damage resulted in the airport having to close and East Africa’s largest transport hub was left deserted. With the urgent need to rebuild the main airport terminals immediately to minimise the disruption to domestic and international travelers the airport chose a temporary building. This decision ensured the airport would be back up and running much sooner than a permanent building and would have a design life of ten years.

The client required not only just the airport buildings and foundations but all internal components such as baggage handling equipment, lighting, internal and external fittings. Therefore HTS tentiQ was chosen over competitors.

Within 12 months of HTS tentiQ receiving the order, the project was designed, engineered and transported from Germany to Nairobi, Kenya. This was delivered on time and on budget.