As part of IATA resolution 753, all courier companies must update airlines with complete tracking follow-up of bags from check-in to baggage belt.

When baggage is delayed, courier companies must take care of the last step (delivery to the passenger – OD) on behalf of the airline.

Delivery companies do not have direct access to WorldTracer, so the BDS system has been created for that purpose. BDO (deliveries) assigned to the delivery company can be received from WorldTracer, and updates with baggage statuses sent back to WorldTracer (UP-handed over to courier, OF-in delivery, OD-delivered and UN-undelivered).

For delivery companies having their own system, API is used to connect with Sky Assist application in the Cloud (that connects with WT download and upload).

For companies not having their own system, we are in development phase for Admin application and Driver application, as we need to upgrade our current systems (available soon).

Sky Assist owns its own BDS customer code and can help courier companies to update baggage status at lower cost by mutualising the resources (implementation, maintenance and usage) with saving between 30 and 40% depending on volumes.