Meteorological (MET) equipment plays a vital role in ensuring the overall safety of airports and air traffic control centre operations.

Entry Point North has developed a MET course in response to the high demand among our clients for ATSEP training in this field.

The ATSEP MET course is designed for air traffic safety electronics personnel who work with MET equipment in their daily duties. This three-day course provides them with an understanding of MET equipment usage and how meteorology impacts air traffic control operations. Additionally, course participants learn about the various MET systems and sensors which are used in aviation: how they work, how to maintain them and how to solve problems that may occur.

The training is offered as an open course, meaning that it is open to anyone to join. Two courses are planned for 2020, taking place on 3-5 June and 25-27 November. For the full course description and to book seats, please fill out the enquiry form on this page.