Bruel and Kjaer

Brüel & Kjær recently held its 14th annual Aviation Environment Management Forum in sunny Los Angeles. This year saw record attendance with 34 airports and 70 delegates across the US, Canada, Australia and Brazil represented.

The keynote presentation was titled ‘Architecting Social Licence’ and introduced the innovative concept of segmenting community reactions to noise and considering how tailoring the airport’s response differently to each segment could achieve a more productive outcome.

Following the keynote, the forum focused on the Brüel & Kjær’s exciting upcoming software release, ANOMS 9. The ANOMS 9 presentation highlighted features designed for ease of use, streamlining daily operations and introduced some exciting concepts such as region-wide flight tracking capabilities.

The forum also addressed new capabilities for Brüel & Kjær’s NoiseDesk. NoiseDesk has been specifically developed for regional airports with limited noise office staff that still need to respond to community and regulatory requirements.

Simon Heath, manager of products, said: "We believe our ability to respond to our clients’ needs is driven by close interaction with our users particularly at our regular Aviation Environment forum. This provides an opportunity for our users to have direct access to R&D staff as well as product decision makers. Clients really want to tell their story to the product developers which helps us to create highly effective technology solutions"

The FAA’s transition to NextGen has brought considerable industry attention on the data feeds that drive the noise office software products. Working together with our industry partners, Brüel & Kjær was pleased to invite Dr. Woody Davis and Damon Thomas from the Federal Aviation Administration to attend the forum and address our client’s questions. The ensuing, highly productive, dialog between airports, the FAA, and technology providers has furthered the noise community’s understanding of the challenges that lay ahead.

Victoria Garmy, business development manager for Brüel & Kjær EMS said: "Our favourite moments are when we hear from clients how they use our products to address important community issues. We are honoured when our clients accept our invitation to share their case studies so we can all learn."