icm merger with vedaleon

ICM Airport Technics has merged under a common ownership with aviation software solutions provider Vedaleon Technologies, keeping both operations independent.

Vedaleon’s strong aviation software solution platform complements ICM’s market leading Auto Bag Drop offering, enabling the business to offer a broader range of products and services to the aviation sector globally.

Vedaleon is headquartered in Melbourne, and is currently focused on three main business streams:

  • e-Commerce: Internet booking engines (IBEs) for airlines catering to consumers, corporates and travel agents. This also includes hotel booking engine and frequent flyer booking engine
  • Airport operations: Software and systems for self-service check-in kiosks, reprint kiosks (boarding passes), agent assisted bag drop, self-service bag drop and boarding manager
  • Regional carriers: Reservations and departure control software, including reservation system and departure control system

Vedaleon applications enable more than 500 million passenger transactions annually for some of Asia-Pacific largest carriers.

ICM is a global leader in airport baggage technology, and inventor of the self-service Auto Bag Drop solutions used by the world’s best airport terminals. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the UK, France and Singapore, ICM uses cutting-edge innovation to help airlines and airports enhance the traveller check-in experience, while helping airports and airlines improve their efficiency.

ICM currently operates more than 300 Auto Bag Drop units in over 17 airport terminals across the world, and have processed more than 40 million bags.

ICM CEO Richard Dinkelmann said: "The merger of ICM and Vedaleon further entrenches us at the cutting edge of being able to provide efficiencies and improvements to airlines, airports and ultimately their customer, the travellers. It also brings together a like-minded approach to innovation and R&D which will continue to be a focus for the group."

Cornel Nunes, Vedaleon co-founder and CEO, said: "Having proven ourselves in the Asia-Pacific region, Vedaleon is excited at the prospect of matching our software with ICM’s market leading hardware solutions on the global stage.

"A mutual passion for high-quality solutions means that the parties are now ideally placed to provide comprehensive end-to-end passenger management and e-Commerce solutions globally."

Vedaleon co-founders, Mac Smith and Cornel Nunes, as well as the broader management team remain fully committed to their existing and future clients.