noise sentinel

Brüel & Kjær’s noise management service – Noise Sentinel – has been shortlisted for the Environmental Initiative of the Year Award at the 2013 International Tunnelling Awards.

The submission was based on the use of Noise Sentinel to manage compliance with construction noise legislation at part of London’s Crossrail project, at the Moorgate station shaft site.

Noise Sentinel immediately alerts the site manager if noise levels approach compliance limits, enabling the site team to reduce noise impact and prevent a potential breach. Noise levels are recorded every half second to build a long-term picture of the project’s noise compliance since 2011 – a valuable source of information for discussion with stakeholders.

Brüel & Kjær EMS product marketing manager, Phil Stollery said: "We are delighted that Noise Sentinel has been shortlisted for the environment award. As noise complaints can cause costly construction delays, Noise Sentinel helps to maintain compliance and reduce project risk.Furthermore, contractors can demonstrate that they are being a good neighbour."

The award winner will be announced next month during a ceremony in London.

Noise Sentinel has been used at tunnelling and construction projects in Canada, USA, UK and Denmark, and at mines, ports, industrial premises and entertainment venues throughout the world. Noise Sentinel can simultaneously monitor noise, ground vibration, dust and air quality – providing a fully integrated solution to operational environmental compliance.