Airport 20/20 today announced that Newark Liberty International Airport (Newark) has gone live with the 20/20 baggage information display system (BIDS). Installation of 20/20 BIDS is the second phase in a 10 month project to deploy a fully integrated terminal operations management system for Newark’s international terminal.

Nigel Farley, general manager of Airport 20/20 is pleased with the progress of the project. He commented, “Thanks to the innovative features and capabilities of the 20/20 system and strong partnership with the team at Newark, we have been able to deliver a state-of-the-art resource management system (RMS), airport operational database (AODB), mobile operations centre and BIDS within a very tight timeframe.”

Experiencing significant demand for its airport management software, the 20/20 BIDS Go Live at Newark follows the successful deployment of the 20/20 aeronautical billing system to all of Finland’s 25 airports and commencement of a major project at Kansas City International Airport to implement the 20/20 flight information display and AODB software.