The FOD*BOSS airfield sweeper is designed to cure foreign object damage to aircraft.

From its high collection capabilities to its amazing speed and unrivalled efficiency it is not just the ultimate foreign object debris (FOD) sweeper, it is the ultimate FOD*BOSS.

Every one of our sweepers is meticulously hand-built drawing on 25 years of experience. Ask any current owner and they will testify that safety, performance and quality are the key reasons why they chose the FOD*BOSS as the solution to combat Foreign Object Debris.

The result is a virtually maintenance-free tarmac sweeper capable of removing dangerous material such as rocks, metallic and non-metallic objects, luggage hardware and even sand. The FOD*BOSS has a sweep width from 8ft / 2.4m up to 24ft / 7.3m and operates at speeds up to 35mph / 55 km/h in wet or dry conditions.

Invented by us in 1994, our multi-patented system has a ten-year unconditional guarantee. Every element from its design to its construction sets it apart and makes it the safest sweeping option.

Tarmac sweeping is essential, make every second count, do not leave anything behind. Put the FOD*BOSS to the test via one of our worldwide specialist dealers. If at any time it is proven not to be the world’s best FOD sweeper, return it for a refund.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself what makes our sweeper truly exceptional.