Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics has become known as its new name Siemens Logistics in Germany.

This shorter and more concise name is part of an overall market image overhaul, which also includes already standardised e-mail addresses worldwide, even for subsidiary Siemens Digital Logistics, and the web domain used since the start of the year.

“The new company name, Siemens Logistics, reinforces our extended development opportunities in the logistics market as a supplier in the automation and digitalisation sectors, above and beyond the mail, parcel, and airport sectors,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics.

The name change to Siemens Logistics will initially only affect the company in Germany, but the regional companies in other countries will also follow suit and change their names in due course.

Siemens Logistics is a 100% subsidiary of Siemens AG and a leading supplier of innovative and high-performance products and solutions in fields such as mail and parcel automation, airport logistics, including baggage and cargo handling, along with digitalisation of logistics processes using high-quality software and cloud/Internet of Things applications. Comprehensive customer service and an established worldwide network of experts complete the portfolio. The company’s main customers include major airports and airlines, global mail and parcel service providers, and international industrial and logistics companies.

Siemens Logistics has its headquarters in Constance and is represented on the international stage by regional companies operating in more than 60 countries.