Since 2004, WebTrak has been enabling communities to view and investigate aircraft flight tracks around their local airport. It’s a fantastic way for airports to build their community’s understanding of airport operations, improve accessibility to aircraft noise information and ultimately to build trust between the community and airport.

Now operational at over 55 airports worldwide, WebTrak has received an update which improves the community experience and adds additional features to assist in the understanding of aircraft noise impact.

An updated user interface now permits replay of animated flight tracks at up to 120 times normal speed. Accurate and customisable aircraft icons also add to the new look. Usability is improved with the introduction of a time slider which enables rapid backward and forward manipulation of the track display.

Display of measured noise levels has been a key capability of WebTrak since it was first launched. To supplement real time and historical noise level display, WebTrak now includes a colour-coded graph of noise at any measurement point in sync with the aircraft location for effective noise impact display.

"This is a major update to WebTrak, adding new capabilities and taking on board ideas and requests from our current user base," said Matthew Barry, Brüel & Kjær product manager for WebTrak.

"We’ve provided a fresher, more modern look, reflecting how web-based applications have changed since 2004. Even the look and feel is customisable to provide a more seamless integration into an airport’s existing website."

As with all Brüel & Kjær subscription services, existing subscribers receive the update to WebTrak for no additional charge. Many airports have found that building their own track display website is expensive and rapidly becomes dated. With WebTrak, airports subscribe to continuous evolution and a solution that continues to lead global best practice.