Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 10080 XCT Explosives Detection System (EDS) has passed laboratory certification for high-speed checked baggage screening from the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The XCT provides a unique imaging solution based on Smiths Detection’s dual-energy, dual-view X-ray technology and Computed Tomography (CT) technology from Analogic Corporation.

Mal Maginnis, president of Smiths Detection, said: "With TSA laboratory certification now added to EU EDS Standard 3 approval, the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT is ideally suited for installation at all major airports outside the U.S. It is the fastest, largest tunnel-size baggage screening system in the industry today, surpassing the most stringent security screening requirements while both improving airport operations and reducing costs."

Lab certification of detection performance is vital for systems seeking inclusion in the TSA’s qualified products list, a prerequisite for deployment at US airports. Sales to the TSA are also subject to additional testing at its Integration Facility (TSIF) as well as operational testing at a U.S. airport. The next step is for Smiths Detection to coordinate the additional testing with TSA. The lab approval represents a key endorsement for the revolutionary scanner which, having already passed the European Union Commission Regulation Standard 3 for Aviation Safety, is now being marketed globally outside the U.S.

With a belt speed of 98 feet-per-minute (0.5m per second), the HI-SCAN 10080XCT can screen up to 1800 bags per hour. The largest tunnel currently available allows more bags to be automatically screened than other comparable systems.