Now you can run a noise abatement programme without an army of noise experts.With the increase in legislation and regulations surrounding airport noise, and the sensitivity of local communities, it’s no longer possible to avoid managing the noise impact of your airport.

In the past this would require purchasing complex hardware and software, recruiting specialised staff, training them to use the system and your airport IT and support staff to maintain it. NoiseDesk provides a system to change all this.

NoiseDesk is an easy-to-use, browser-based subscription service that connects to airport data feeds and technology managed by Brüel & Kjær. NoiseDesk delivers you the data you need without having to employ an entire environment department.

NoiseDesk gives easy access to flight track and noise data coupled with street maps, address data, aerial / satellite overviews and weather information. The intuitive, task-based interface enables the user to quickly view and report on the issues that matter such as excessive noise and track deviations.

Meanwhile, Brüel & Kjær are working for you in the background, ensuring your data is always collected, correct and ready to use, taking action on site should the equipment have any problems, leaving you to focus on managing your stakeholders – not your noise monitoring technology.

And when your airport grows and you need more sophisticated capability you can easily move from NoiseDesk to ANOMS, the industry standard for airport noise management throughout the world.