SOFTECH has just released the 2017 Noise Monitoring Revamping Campaign to all operators.

The campaign will allow any owner of a noise monitoring system with obsolete software to upgrade any platform or software application into the most updated release of the well known SARA product.

This unique opportunity will provide to airport operators, environmental agencies, municipalities or private owners, the benefit of a renewed software platform that allows the use of obsolete but still well performing and strongly reliable instruments, like microphones, sound analysers, dataloggers, into an up to date solution without experiencing the cost of a complete upgrading due to software incompatibility.

If you are experiencing problems with hardware interface compatibility or functionality, due to lack of new software or software updates, SOFTECH will deliver you the solution to get rid of your issues.

SOFTECH’s 2017 Noise Monitoring Revamping Campaign will reduce ownership costs to a basic value thank to his unique technology and delivers the following actions/options:

  • Review of the existing software and hardware architecture
  • Compatibility check of your equipment with new software platform
  • Deployment of an up-to-date interface for complete control of the new infrastructure

The campaign will also grant the system compliance with the most recent European laws regarding airport industry technologies.

SARA will also permit a complete scalability of the system with new equipment produced by different manufacturers.
If you are interested to evaluate the 2017 Software Revamping Campaign, please get in contact with our customer support centre.