DFS will provide military air traffic management training from 1 January 2017. In future, DFS will train military air traffic control personnel in Kaufbeuren in cooperation with the Bundeswehr.

The agreement between the Bundeswehr and DFS was signed at the Kaufbeuren air base in a ceremony to honour the event. A new DFS subsidiary, Kaufbeuren ATM Training GmbH, was scheduled to be founded on 1 April 2016 for this purpose. The new subsidiary will have its registered office in Kaufbeuren where it will provide air traffic management (ATM) training. It will be certified under military standards.

As part of its 2011 stationing concept, the Bundeswehr had originally planned to give up Kaufbeuren air base and to relocate operational air traffic management training to another location. With the civil cooperation partner DFS, it will now be possible to use the expert knowledge and existing infrastructure as part of this civil-military cooperation in the field of air traffic management training.