New customers have been joining the Sky Assist customer community in 2011. Arc Transports and Colitel have been selected by Air France for their baggage deliveries, respectively in Paris CDG and ORY for Arc (replacing JAP Transports), in Nice and Bordeaux for Colitel.

These two companies are using the BagAssist BDS software, specifically designed for courier companies, integrated with WorldTracer BDS services for an easy download and decoding of BDO (delivery) data and upload of baggage delivery status change, providing accurate information about incidents on the Air France website. The system is also integrated with internal systems, for more productivity by reducing manual entries.

Billund Airport also signed a new agreement with Sky Assist for the standard BagAssist modules (AHL, DR, Flight) and its self-service kiosk version PaxAHL. It also includes hosting services and IER hardware material (baggage label printers IER400 and airport kiosk IER918).