Following the strong institutional relationship established between the Chinese air navigation entities, Macau International Airport and the air navigation NAV Portugal EPE, several cooperation protocols have bonded these organisations. The major training focus of the cooperation has been within the specific area of air traffic control with carrying out several training courses at the NAV training centre in Lisbon in 2005-2010.

The range of activities as well as the quality of the provided courses have strongly contributed to the expansion of the cooperation to the specific areas of technical process and safety.

The Chinese authorities have invited a delegation NAV Portugal to participate in the third conference held between the airports of China and the Portuguese-speaking countries. The conference took place in Macau in 2010. At the conference, NAV Portugal put forward the short and medium-term challenges that air navigation service providers are expected to be confronted with, as well as some good practice initiatives the company has been involved in, so as to continue its strategic and assertive orientation among peers.

A cooperation protocol has been signed between NAV Portugal and Macau International Airport, covering a wide range of activities. It comprises various common cooperational dominions, including sharing information with the aim of developing both technical and operational projects. Furthermore, a letter of intention with Central-Southern Regional ATMB CAAC has been signed, specifically concerning training in the concerning operational safety areas.