Intersystems extends a warm welcome to Lombok International Airport to its long list of satisfied customers with their successful integration of the most advanced, real-time flight information display solution on the market, RapidFIDS.

The airport officially opened to commercial flights on Saturday 1 October bringing much needed improved services to the region.

"With the global financial crisis unfortunately delaying the progress of Lombok International Airport’s plans, it’s particularly rewarding to see this project come to fruition," said Intersystems’ managing director, Bruce Allen.

The long-awaited launch incorporates Intersystems’ state-of-the-art RapidFIDS system combined with their powerful GMC7 display controller resulting in a seamless end-user experience for the airport.

Mr Allen notes, "Technology is changing rapidly, especially in video display, so it’s important the hardware you use not only keeps up with those changes but is custom-developed for the unique needs of the airport market.

"Our GMC7 display controller is cutting-edge technology and uses custom-built Intersystems software so our customers receive a more reliable and cost-effective asset and their customers notice the difference."

This is the third project Intersystems has implemented in Indonesia with several other projects in the pipeline within the Asia Pacific region.

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