ATALIS is one of the first Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) systems to be ready for the ICAO NEW Flight Plan format for airlines (PANS/ATM amendment taking force mid November 2012).

ICAO flight planning modifications for 2012 are designed to meet the needs of aircraft equipped with advanced communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) capabilities. They imply significant changes, in particular in the syntax of flight planning messages.

The new ATALIS FPL2012 release has been operational since spring 2012 in French Polynesia and Lebanon. The system is ready to receive flight plans in both PRESENT and NEW formats. It is also currently under deployment in 4 ICAO regions: Middle-East (MID), Europe (EUR/NAT), Asia-Pacific (APAC) and East Africa (ESAF).

The ATALIS FPL2012 release can be tuned to fulfil either ICAO Asia-Pacific requirements or EUROCONTROL ones. For instance, ATALIS implements ICAO Asia-Pacific requirements in French Polynesia, whereas in Lebanon the system implements those of EUROCONTROL.

The ATALIS FPL2012 solution ensures a smooth transition to INFPL (ICAO NEW Flight Plan) accommodating all transition scenarios that can be preferred by customers, and enable ANSPs to postpone the INFPL upgrade of their ATM systems.

Through this system update, Egis provides a solution for airspace users to comply with the new standards without any disruption to flight operations.