Egis has been selected by the French Defence (DGA) to deploy simulation and training systems for navy air traffic controllers (referred to as SECAM project). Attributed in January 2010 to the consortium formed by Egis Avia (as team leader), OKTAL and INEO, the fixed part of the initial contract was recently completed by an addendum to extend the system to additional sites.

Radar approach, ground-controlled approach (GCA) and tower simulators will be provided on three navy bases in France (Hyères, Lann-Bihoué and Landivisiau). Each system will be composed of two control positions, two pseudo-pilot / instructor positions to develop training exercises, and a 3D screen displaying the traffic simulated on each corresponding local airport. The consortium will deliver each simulator as a turnkey project including the following services: provision and installation of hardware and software, validation of systems, instructors and technical staff training, warranty, technical assistance and maintenance in operational conditions.

The SECAM project is managed by the French defence team in charge of the airspace operations management system (SCCOA). Through this contract, DGA is equipping its ATC centres with a specific tool matching with the training needs of its controllers and capable of simulating any potential scenario. Also, this contract highlights DGA’s concern for increased flight safety and its will to comply with the European Safety Regulatory Requirement (ESARR5) set out by EUROCONTROL for air traffic control officers.

The solution provided is based on SCANSIM, a fully scalable software and fields-proven range of products. Egis Avia, OKTAL and INEO have been collaborating and providing this turnkey air traffic control training system designed by ATC instructors for 15 years now. It has been successfully implemented on more than 40 sites all over the world.