Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) hosted a delegation from the Benin government – led by its Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr Lambert Koty – at its award-winning Aviation Training Academy (ATA) in Bonaero Park, near the OR Tambo International Airport. Accompanying the minister were Benin Ambassador in South Africa, Mr Claude Fassinou and the General Director of the Benin National Agency of Civil Aviation, Mr Aristide de Souza.

The ATNS delegation included Board Chairman, Mr Mpho Mamashela and Executives Committee members, including the acting CEO, Mr Thabani Mthiyane.

Mr Koty mentioned that the visit was primarily about integrated aviation infrastructure investment. "We are very impressed at the level of competency, knowledge and skill in this organisation. The same can also be said with regards to infrastructure and technology deployment. We should have been here some time ago," remarked Mr Koty.

In his keynote address, ATNS Chairman Mr Mpho Mamashela said: "Air Transport is a major contributor to global economic prosperity. Aviation provides the only rapid worldwide transportation network, which makes it essential for global business and tourism. It plays a vital role in facilitating economic growth."

He further mentioned that: "Aviation safety is important for international trade and economic development. Our work to promote safety through continuous training also strengthens the global economy, because the two are deeply intertwined. South Africa’s economic future is directly linked to reaching beyond our borders for new trade and investment opportunities. Our aim is to deepen ties with large, dynamic and high-growth markets around the continent."

ATNS executive of commercial services, Mr Rushj Lehutso, in his presentation he outlined the mission and vision of ATNS: "The global aviation supply chain’s link must be strong for the entire system to function. ATNS is proud to have initiatives in place, aimed at working closely with Benin’s aviation department to maintain and enhance the integrity of the global aviation system. Together we will improve the conditions for cross-border trade, economic growth and long-term prosperity for generations to come."