Materna Introduces Latest Drop.Go Self-Service Luggage Drop System - Airport Technology
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Materna Introduces Latest Drop.Go Self-Service Luggage Drop System

drop go system

Materna is pleased to announce that the company has expanded its range self-service bag drop solutions with the debut of the new Drop.Go model, which has been designed to facilitate easy counter mounting.

The smallest version of the retrofit series has been developed for a two-step bag drop process. It is very slim and light, weighing only 6.5kg.

With an integrated hand scanner, passengers scan their bag tags easily and drop-off their luggage within seconds thanks to an intuitive menu on the touch display.

The Drop.Go model is for flexible use at airports and can be integrated into existing systems and infrastructure easily.

Designed by the Danish designer Anders Boel, it shows an elegant and light design with LED strips on its sides.

The first customers to use the new Materna solution will be Quebec Airport in Canada and Copenhagen Airport, Denmark.

In total, more than 80 airports worldwide use Materna’s self bag drop solutions.

Customers have a wide variety of Greenfield or Retrofit solutions depending on their individual needs.

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