Staff and agents at Ansir Systems have recently been busy answering many enquiries from a large number of global destinations. Some of these projects and expansion plans have been rolling on for months or years and are eventually coming to fruition.

The art of this process is having a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and staying focused so that jointly we provide first-class solutions. Our agents regularly communicate with airport authorities, tracking expansion plans. This information is then fed back to our head office in Melbourne, Australia.

From this point, we work with the information supplied, developing baggage handling system designs, budgets and stage plans to best meet the end user’s requirements.

Throughout last year and to this day, we have completed projects and / or have works in progress at the following destinations / airports:

  • The Philippines – three projects
  • Indonesia – eight projects
  • Canada – three projects
  • New Zealand – two projects
  • Bangladesh – three projects
  • The Caribbean – one project
  • Oman – two projects
  • Penang Island, Malaysia – one project

During the last six months, many submissions have been made to a large number of clients; from simple reclaim carousels to complex inline screening systems, many of which are currently under review. The future looks very exciting for Ansir Systems.

Our global partners are located in the following destinations: Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran,
Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Canada.

The South Pacific Islands, New Zealand & Australia are supported via our Melbourne office.

Spotlight on Indonesia

The statistics here are remarkable. Indonesia consists of approximately 18,000 islands, spanning 5,000km East to West, with a population of 270 million. Air travel is booming, with airports struggling to meet the exponential growth. In 2017, international passenger volume grew by 20%. All this equates to a very substantial need for careful planning and growth across so many airports.

During the last 18 months, working closely with our local partner (agent), Ansir / A P Morling completed eight new projects. This brings our total number of completed Indonesian projects to around 45 since 2004.