Ansir Systems and Philippine company R Dan & Co Inc have completed the supply and installation of four new friction drive overlapping slat baggage reclaim carousels at Manila International Airport Terminal 2 in the Philippines.

Keith Morling the Ansir Business Development manager explained: “The units are a ‘high-tech’ leading edge composite design, low mass equating to low power consumption and high efficiency.

“The carousel modules are virtually fully built up in our factory minimising site installation times and the likelihood of parts missing during assembly ensuring completion on time without headaches. Each control panel is equipped with its own SCADA panel, ensuring fault finding is quick and simple for any of the operators.”

Ansir international sales manager Colin Swainson, who spends extensive periods based in Asia, explained: “Working with R Dan & Co Inc has been a pleasure. They are innovative and provide a wide skill base. We look forward to completing more projects with them.”

The company has also recently completed a new outbound and inbound system at Kingscote Airport on Kangaroo Island in Australia. The system features state of the art check-ins feeding an in-line screening system before bags are sorted from a make-up carousel.

Keith Morling outlined: “The new airport terminal looks fantastic and we are pleased to have partnered with the Kangaroo Island Council to supply the baggage system. Ansir is a niche BHS global supplier proven to deliver across more than 25 countries spanning more than 40 years.

“We have agents and representatives in the following territories keen, able and ready to assist during the design, tender and delivery process: Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Canada. The South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia are supported through our Melbourne office.”