ALSTEF achieved a turnover in 2009 in line with its objectives. The final sum was €43.8 million, an increase of 5% over 2008, and was achieved despite a very poor economic environment. Export contracts totalled €27.6 million, which surpassed for the first time the sales invoiced in France. Over the last six years, the value of export contracts has increased by a factor of more than twelve, expanding from €2.2million to €27.6million, of which almost 60% were achieved outside the EU.

The operating profit in France is €3.2 million. For the fourth consecutive year, this operating profit is higher than or equal to 8%. The consolidated net result for the Group, after integrating the subsidiaries in Canada and Turkey, is €2.5million. The greater part of the profit made in the last four years has been used to reinforce the shareholders equity, which increased from €1.4 million in March 2006, to €7.9 million at the end of December 2009. The Group’s available cash as of 31 December 2009 is €10.5 million.

On 15 September 2009, ALSTEF signed a €100 million, 20-year contract for the operation and maintenance of the new Trans-Border Terminal at Montreal-Trudeau Airport. The logistics section obtained a total of €15.1 million in contracts, with two projects for automated storage in France at SCA Normande (Groupe Leclerc), and Lactalis.

In 2009, ALSTEF opened a support facility at Mesnil-Amelot (77), close to Paris CDG Airport; and purchased 5,800m² of land in Boigny (45) to build a facility of 1,150m² for assembling conveyors.

In the first quarter of 2010, ALSTEF has already received orders of €21.2 million, this will enable us to continue our growth.